my moleskine friend


For the last four years I have sworn by these guys. Soft, little, practical, amazing. There’s JUST enough room to keep track of all of my crazies on each day – some of which I later have no idea what they mean – like ‘BUY D’S!!!!!!!!’ or ‘WRITE IT!!!!’ or ‘7pmthethingJerrys.’ (My favorite is back in August 2007, over a whole week: GET A JOB, LOSER.) It’s how I keep track of assorted goals and obligations. I realized I accidentally left my 2009 guy at rehearsal the other night (fortunately the Stage manager just let me know he found it and has it  – thanks, the stage manager!) but I have yet to get it back. It’s sad how lost I am without it. Who am I? What am I doing? Where am I supposed to be? What cryptically encoded event am I supposed to be patroning? No clue. I should feel liberated, but instead, I am confused.

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