We Do Things

Steve and I tend to always do the same things, as we’re both so busy and there’s little time for the adventure that stems from nothing to do. If we’re gonna go on a date, it’s usually to a play I have to see. So last night, we decided to do something! Like: find an Event, and patron it! And patron we did! Well, first we ate our weight in enchiladas and Fried Ice Cream and there was a questionable series of moments during which I almost threw up. But THEN: We saw Tracy Morgan at Carnegie Hall!


We were extremely nose-bleedy section but it was still great. Mr. Morgan is hillarious. Blunt, Brash, Nasty, smart. He covered topics not suitable for discussion on this blog (Hi Mom and Dad!) but let’s just say, he discussed the cultural differences between black people and white people in numerous scenarios, including but not limited to the White House and assorted sexy things. It was nice to do a Thing that I don’t normally do, like slowly descend 6 flights of stairs.


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