‘THE TRAIN, IT’S SO CROWDED!’ Said the odd, greying brooklyn man, awkwardly pressed against me in the bright green rain coat his mother had bought for him. I nodded, as you shouldn’t respond with words – lest you might end up trapped in a 12 minute conversation about transit and Lord of the Rings. But he continued. ‘MAYBE IT’S THE RAIN.’ I nodded again, hoping this was the end of it. But: ‘ MAYBE IT’S SO CROWDED BECAUSE OF THE RAIN. BECAUSE PEOPLE DON’T WANT TO GET OUT OF BED BECAUSE OF THE RAIN. AND SO IT TAKES THEM LONGER TO GET OUT OF BED, AND THEN THEY ALL GET ON THE TRAIN AT THE SAME TIME.’ The train lurched and threw me even moreso into him. ‘MAYBE IT’S THE RAIN.’

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