from my kitchen, to yours


Amy and Colin got married a few weeks ago in TX. I couldn’t be there cause of Oohrah! which I really really hated and I still can’t believe I wasn’t there to witness this. I mean, their very love blossomed on my Christopher Street futon! Chaperoned, of course.

Oh, well. SOMEHOW the wedding took place without me. Amy was a stunning bride, a beautiful, perfect version of herself, as a bride should be. And how stinking cute and amazing are they? An armadillo cake? A doughnut cake????  Gray Vest thing and bow in hair?! Geez louise. Make the babies already.

Since I couldn’t make it, I’m having a post-wedding celebration thing for them tommorrow night. And they being of the skinny and attractive variety, I thought it’d be fitting for me to bless their union with some heart disease. And what better way, than with some Paula Deen recipes. I’ve been perusing them. I dare you to do it and not get simultaneously disgusted by and excited about gooey butter cake / savannah cheese cake cookies / brie wrapped in biscuit dough / fried stuffing balls (on a stick.) I. Dare. You.

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