assessment brunch!


Playwright’s week wraps up with an assessment brunch, allowing one last communion before everyone scatters back to their non-playwrity lives (ew.) This brunch is genius. A.) Bagels. B.) Bagels with salt on them. C.) New friends. D.) Bananas. E.) We all sit around and talk about the positives and negatives of the experience – the staff at the Lark truly, genuinely cares about the time we’ve had there – and how they could potentially improve it for next year. We all discuss our goals for our respective plays, and whether or not we felt like we met them. I had trouble thinking of anything negative, no matter how hard I tried, as it was truly the safest I’ve ever felt working on a play. Kudos (with M&Ms) (stuck to the top)(melting in your backpack) to everyone at the Lark – and many, many thanks.

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