so and More Things!

Ladies and Germs! I have two one night only type situations impending! You know, like doom. But instead, fun drama plays! Come see!!!

First this:


We Are Not Birds (Enjoy your Flight!)

October 15 at Ars Nova 

I wrote this for Lauren Blumfield, and incredible tragic clown of an adorable actress, who was in my The Bachelor Play (Real) this Summer. Because I of course can’t seem to write about ANYTHING but airplanes, Lauren plays Lollie, a boisterous flight attendant, desperate to please. We’re turning Ars Nova into an airplane. And giving out treats. Because we can.

And then so Also:

Bath, Oct 16th, Galapagos


Bath, a short Hungarian Play for The Cabaret Magyar  (a year long festival exploring and promoting contemporary Hungarian culture – in which an American travels all the way to Hungary to ‘find his roots,’ only to find himself in a Bath. With a hungarian lady. With a Urinary Tract Infection.

Because who doesn’t like a good play about a UTI? Or an airplane?


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