This weekend, the Trinity* will be united! It is a slightly rare but joyous occasion. They are coming to see my play because they are rad and make me feel warm fuzzy friendship feelings, constantly. Carrie’s bringing a few lady friends from law school, Blaine is bringing her hubs. We are going to eat and drink and buy things, I’m sure of it. Namely buy things. Blaine and Carrie have this tendency to say to me, as I am trying on the $400 dress – YOU NEED THAT! YOU NEED IT! (BEKAH, GET IN THE BOAT!!!!)

*I by no means mean to insinuate that Blaine, Carrie and I are the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. But if we were – Blaine would be the father. Carrie would be the Son. And I would be the Holy Spirit.

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