I somehow managed to make it 27 years without ever loosing a loved one or having to go to the funeral – I’ve always been terrified of going to my first. But Roberta’s funeral, as intense and terrible as it was, was sort of – lovely. Full of energy and laughing and tradition just how she would have liked!  It was a very simple, traditional jewish service, culminating in us actually throwing dirt onto her coffin which was – wow. Just – ow and then also wow. It was pretty amazing to meet so many of her friends. If I end up even 15% as awesome as she was when I grow up, I’ll be totally set.

Most amazing thing about the day – Aron.


My grandma’s boyfriend of the last two years. He was the most devestated over the loss of her. He is THE SWEETEST most gentle man who was really there for her the past few years. As the rabbi recounted, Aron would call her every single morning:

Is the Madam of the House available?

Roberta: Why, yes she is! 

RIP grandma, I love you! (As I’m sure you are just sitting up there in heaven, you know, reading my blog. I hope you also at least have a Latte, and maybe some cake.)

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