Last night I went to Chisel as per usual, but found a Sub teacher there – which is always sort of a downer. Will this person be lethargic? Irksomely energetic? Will he/she play a lot of lesbian techno, or have no sense of rhythm??? This dude seemed aight, though – until he asked all of to grab a Bosu Ball:


These things are always stacked in the closet with the weights. But I’d never quite ‘gone there.’ I’d give them one look and say, Yep, I will pretty much NOT be doing that. I mean, we are pretty much afraid of things we do not understand: Foreign Countries. Death. One half of bouncy ball on platform-thing. So, I was skeptical.

But sub-dude led us through a bunch of crazy exercises with the Bosu, such as:


And, how do I put this?  OW. ow ow ow ow ow ow.

But in that awesome sort of way. The thing with the Bosu is that you’re constantly struggling to not fall over or off of it, rendering yourself the class D-bag, so you’re constantly working – so hard.  It hurts to sit.  (And I like it.)

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