Tech for Oohrah! starts today so I thought I would gush about how it’s totally my favorite thing, and how it has always been. For all of you who choose to do things with your lives that do NOT involve the drama play, I will explain: Tech is when the lights, sound, props and costumes meet weeks of table and scene work. For ten hours a day, 3 days straight – things truly start to come together.  Warm light cues are built, things break, sounds happen, minds are lost, and about 5,356 gummy bears are eaten.

I love sitting there in the back of the slightly cold theater in the blue light, as people yell at each other – as light cues are built, creating a plethora of places, as actors, for the first time, sit on their actual bed – use the actual prop. And then suddenly, or – eventually – there it is. The way it was, in my mind, now actualized in front of me. What I meant, and had been imagining – right there.

Best. Feeling. Ever.

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