What do you do give to a Seattle-bred Bday boy who has the means to give himself presents of the material variety constantly? He’s got all the Basil plants, cute shirts and video games and gadgets that a boy could want. Whatever should the girlfriend do??

Why, a nautical adventure, of course! Complete with picnic. We both spend so much time working, I thought it’d be nice to, you know, do something. And Do we did.


We took a sunset sail to the Statue of Liberty and back. Happy skippers in khaki’s move about the boat, doing sail-boat related things and bringing you beer and wine.  It was so beautiful and relaxing and – for the first 20 minutes or so (shhhh) SLIGHTLY nauseating (see Bekah; lying down.)


When we reached lady Liberty, it was totally breath-taking. The closest I’ve ever been. So beautiful, that Steve and I sat there starring at her, and Steve said (in earnest) ‘I’m so proud to be an American.’


Me too, birthday boy. Me. Too.

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