daniel brothers!


 Or: my Film Friend!

Danny is an ridiculously talented director /producer and is pretty much the only reason I’ve ever managed to write any short films. I met him a few years back through a reading of Fat Kids on Fire and have been hooked ever since – he’s directed two of my short films – Happy Birthday I’m Dead and Vacancy (currently in post-production.) Danny’s got this hot rugged Colorado thing going on, and a crazy vivid imagination combined with an innate sense of how to ground a story. His sheer optimism and drive and savy-ness are forces to be reckoned with. He tends to call me and say things like ‘I need a script that Clint Eastwood would direct by tommorrow!!! Get on it, Brunstetter!!’  or suggest that my characters have interior monologues with their hair; or More of the girls Taking off their Clothes! Less words!

 I can always count on him for encouragement and feedback and to talk me off of writerly ledges. Eyes peeled, please, for his upcoming projects, as there is a 110% chance they will be Rad.

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