I will Bio you! So hard!


I totally forgot about this! When I finished grad school, there were a couple of weeks (or months?) when I convinced myself that I was going to make a living via freelance writing gigs found on craigslist (sorry Dad. I’m just – sorry.) So, amidst my dellusions, I actually did manage to write some decent artist bio’s! It’s kinda fun. I just wrote one for Aaron, who needed something to send to ‘Cinemall’ (the combination mall / movie theater in his small hometown in Virginia.) It’s kind of the funnest process ever. Essentially, I just went in his office and starred at him until he felt so uncomfortable that he started telling me things. Are you next?

Read below – the bio does match the dude, does it not?

A. Barr

Born in  Bristol, Tennessee, Aaron Barr (Eric) was raised in Damascus, Virginia – a loyal only child of an Engineer daddy and Beautician momma. A typical country kid, he spent his days fishing, playing in the dirt, hanging out with animals, and running around buck-wild in the woods.

At the ripe age of four – his uncle had the genius to gift him with a $5 flea market guitar. Lil’ Aaron was hooked from the get-go, and began mastering the instrument and writing songs, Stat. Sure, the first songs were about pretty girls and things he didn’t quite yet understand – but soon thereafter – while attending Holston High School – he discovered he could sing, as well! When he wasn’t cruising around in his  ’95 toyota truck (like in Back to the Future! Sweet! 1.21 JIGAWATTS!! …anyways) – Aaron was playing local parties and gigs with his band, Lodi. After high school, he took the practical route and received a BS in Marketing from Virginia Tech. He then moved to Richmond, pursuing a girl. When the latter didn’t quite go according to plan, he moved to DC, more fervently pursuing music –  still generating his own material, playing with a slew of indie-pop and post-punk bands.

He then moved to Brooklyn, NY to pursue music – and a girl (sensing trend, much?)
Upon moving to NYC in 2006, Aaron found his true calling with the Vanguard, an innovative indie-pop band (
www.myspace.com/thevanguardatmyspace.) Since it’s creation, the Vanguard has played in coveted NYC venues like Arlene’s Grocery, Webster Hall, and the illustrious Exit Festival in Serbia. At the forefront of this collective, Aaron continues to make music (singing, writing, playing, mixing) and to consistently have good hair / melt hearts.  He now lives in Long Island City with his guitar, his orchids, and his ghosts.

By day, he works for a corporate housing company, and manages to juggle the two worlds. It was at this very desk that it one day occurred to Mr. Barr that mayhaps he should try acting? He went online in search of auditions and, sure enough, saw a posting for the Mow Crew audition – and subsequently landed the part of Eric, the earnest, conflicted musician.

Aaron remains a country boy at heart, retaining his charm and laissez – faire attitude. While Aaron does love Brooklyn – acoustic jams with the Vanguard on the streets of Williamsburg, warm late-night panini’s, impromptu brass band marches, ferry rides to Martha’s Vineyard – he revels in trips home to Virginia, and the much-needed relief from city life these trips provide.  While home, Aaron enjoys good times with Mom and Dad, fresh garden tomatoes, and Potato soup from Alison’s (‘…amazing…soupy… ….chunky.’)

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