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(Featured Reader? Really Bekah? Are you really Going to Go There?)



Jason Roberts, ladies and gents, husband person of Blaine. Who: when he was first a-courtin’ Blaine, made a serious effort to be-friend her friends, the true way to a lady’s heart. (Good work, Roberts. You won. Prize being Blaine.) Jason reads my blog without even being forced, and has encouraged me to include more things of the sports variety.

Sooo…..Sports. Sports are crazy. Things are happening right now, regarding sports. That guy got hit in the head with a baseball, but it looks like he’s going to be fine. Some people swim, and some people run around. Sometimes people time them while they do it. And they compete against each other.


Jason, your ICareDeeply Tshirt and Subway coupons are in the mail. You. Win.

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