And Mamrie Hart


Ladies and gents, meet Mamrie Hart, my most Funny Friend. (But also, she is hot. Because let’s face it – like I would ever be caught dead with someone NOT hot. Ugly people are SO not hot.)

Mamrie’s a fellow NC-er – we were at UNC at the same time but didn’t really know each other – connected once in NYC via Erin. She has an un-rivaled collection of sweet vitage dresses, colorful cowboy boots and mustache tattoo to boot, of the finger /incognito variety. 

 UMMMM AND SHE IS HILLARIOUS. A Sketch comedy writer, she’s pictured above with her partner Steve (not like of the ‘life’ sort) – together they are BOF (Best of friends) and their webisodes / live shows are irresitable (show at Upright Citizen’s Brigade / Aug 6th / 6:30!!!!) Mames is ALSO in Cudzoo and the Fagettes and can sing her face off (what’s with everyone but me being able to sing their respective faces off?)  Her pretty funny faces are the cherry on top of the live Cudzoo show, in my humble opinion.


Body shots with Old People! Current events! There is really no place her wit won’t go – and I can’t wait to see where it takes her.

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