Joisey City!

Yesterday, Mandy and I stay-cationed (thanks Vegnews) in  Jersey City and checked out some of our new corporate apartments, as well the surrounding stomping grounds. As part of my job, I provide area info for each apartment (grocery stores, bars, post office, banks, etc) – because ‘um….why don’t you just google it?’  Is not a viable corporate response.

We’re constantly telling clients Jersey City is so close! It’s so great! But I had never actually like BEEN there, save a brief grad school affair (of the torrid sort) and a few open houses, so I thought I’d go check it out. Guess what: it’s so close! It’s great!

We inspected, we perused, we back-sweated, we noted things.



Essentially, we ‘worked hard for the money.’ We even brought Aaron a souvenir, which has become extremely useful for ‘pointing at’ and ‘discussing.’


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