Carolyn Cottingham


Or: Cott, to those who love her most (……me.) Or, ‘my hot friend.’ Settle down, amigos, I do have MANY hot friends, but I think Carrie actually takes the cake, officially! (Also, she is smart, also.)

Aunt Cawie (as dubbed by her niece) and I went to UNC together, where we met while violently pursuing BA’s in theater. She’s a fantastic actor and also can sing her face off. Like Mariah. ( I dare you to karaoke her. I dare you.) Also, bartender extraordinaire, and she can charm the pants off of ANYONE.

She joined me in NYC after finishing college –  after a year here, feeling un-challenged by acting, in an act of un-rivalled bravery – she left for Law School at the College of Charleston, where she now lives, a secret spy amongst the elite. She’s about to start her 3rd year and I couldn’t be more proud of her.

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