Dylan Dawson!

So – yesterday’s Aaronpost gave me this idea, to highlight one of my fantastic friends every week (or every day? or whenever it strikes my fancy?) on my blog – and brag on them / hate on them / compliment them / auction them off. So! First up!


Friend and fellow Ars Nova-ever, Dylan Dawson. Playwright!  Actor! Electronic ivory-tinkler for Machinebird!


(….self explanatory.)

With a heart like a tall puppy and wit like new purchased lawnmower blade (what? sharp?), Dylan lights up the lives of all who know him, respectively, and he has seen every movie ever.  He is funny and smart. I like him. And Ladies, he is single and ready to mingle, and other things that rhyme with ingle. Tingle?

Now Dylan, get back to work.

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