good news!

stage2.jpgBad news is always paired with good news. Throughout history, or at least, the history of Bekah, whenever I’m down about one thing or another (lately, the year 2 of No Julliard) – I get some good news that really provides prospective, and makes me a happy lady. So this just in – The Atlantic Theater will be producing Oohrah! in the fall in their Stage 2 space! This will mark this Little’s Off-Broadway debut. I’ll be working on the play with director friend Evan Cabnet, who’s been working on the play with me since Roundabout.  I’m so freaking stoked and grateful. I mean, really? really? It’s my birthday AND I got to go to mexico AND my play is getting done? REALLY? Yesssssss. Or Siiiiiiiii. You know. As they say in Mexico.So, if you want to visit me, and have yet to visit me, September would be a good time. (Ahem. Julien.)

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