Last night, after a spirited day on Magic Island (pictures forthcoming) the ladies and I (RAVENOUS) (FOR FISH THINGS) went to dine at Mezzo in Astoria – a greek / Medditeranian /seafood utopia.

We ate calamari! Fried zucchini and feta things! Greek salad! Seafood pasta with scallops and mussels! Lobster tail! Stuffed clams! Unidentified white fish! Roasted potatoes! And if that wasn’t enough, the owner came to our table to see how we were enjoying our food (to which we replied ‘mmrrrffff (nom nom) – SO! GOOD! mpphhh nom nom nom)  – THEN he sent over a free carafe of wine. And when it was all over – as we sat paralyzed from wine and sun and fish – he sent over free Baklava and milk custard. We happily over-tipped our super sweet waitress and insisted we’d be back again (seriously, we will.) And when she came back to the table and thanked us genuinely, we knew she meant it – and everyone went home glad and slept extra hard –  happy to have been generous.

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