baby’s first UCB show! / The Rejection show!

Sad but true, five years in NYC and I STILL hadn’t seen a comedy show at Upright Citizen’s Brigade. Um, really bekah? really? (This is, though, the same bekah who JUST went to the top of the empire state building. I guess I’m not the type of gal  to ‘do’ things. Or ‘go’ places.)  

Fortunately last night, Mamrie was kind enough to take me to see the Rejection Show! (Thanks Mames!) It’s a monthly event, at which comedians / writers  perform or read their rejected material, and hearty laughs are had at their expense. Um, awesome. I KNEW there was a reason I scrapbooked all of my grad school rejection letters, highlighting common phrases like ‘deep regret’ and ‘with sorrow, we inform you.’

Last night was special – the contributors to the Onion read their rejected headlines, jokes and story pitches, that were so bad / ludacrious,  involved such unforunate  sentiments about Grandmothers / defication / Darryl Hammond, that even the Onion rejected them. It was great. I think I am really into this ‘laughing’ thing. This ‘ comedy’ thing. Like, laughing, and having a good time. I think I’m going to do it more. Hopefully with Mamrie, and that cute girl from the Office.

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