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Let it be officially stated and copywrited – I want to write something about a sugar daddy / sugar baby modern day but okay prostitution arrangement thing. In which a young girl is paid something crazy like $5000 a month by a rich older businessman for her ‘companionship’ among other things like maybe ‘smiles’ and ‘blowjobs.’ And he gives her things like trips to Paris, and I don’t know, what else do girls like? Rent? Fancy sweaters? (Rent. Yes please. It creates such an interesting diachtomy between one’s inner, feminist, and one’s inner ‘ I want Daddy to pay my rent.’ etc. I am so drawn to this.)

There was a really really insightful article about it this past Sunday in the Times magazine ( so now I am all MERDE! Someone else is going to write this! Which totally happens when something is weighing on the public conscience – everyone is thinking about it/ writing about it.  Esp. now because of things being how they are, financially.  But I draw your attention back to Dec 18 2008 ( when I first expressed interest. Okay, now I am just being pettty. Anywhoo. Mine mine. Also, mine. Okay, done.

I so badly want to work on this play, and I think I will, maybe for Roundabout? It might be great in that sexy box of a place. I’m thinking it’s about a girl who WANTS to be a sugar baby but isn’t sexy enough, but wants to be so bad. And eventually finds a man to ‘sponsor’ her. But the relationship is WAY more complicated than it seems – not just a business transaction – and things get nasty. It would also involve Hats, shrimp cocktail, private jets, flautists, and credit cards.

Just a start! I love the feeling!

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