Okay, so, I made soup. This is supremely exciting. To watch me last night – you would think I had invented the internet or scotch tape. Oh, the joy! The invention! The ingenuity! The trial, the error! It’s split pea. You know. With Ham.


Dump a bunch of vegetable stock in a pot, because that seems like a good idea. Turn on the heat. Plop the ham bone into it, and poke it apprehensively. Add peas, diced carrots and potatoes. Turn up the heat more. Watch it boil. For like 3 hours. Get real excited when things start to smell good and the water starts to evaporate and it gets all soupy. Salt and pepper to taste. Mush the peas up against the side of the pot to ‘split’ them as it were. Then More salt, because you have Problems. Remove the ham bone, and watch the hambits slide deliciously off the bone into your soup. Eeeee. And then probably more Salt. And enjoy!


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