The Toxic Avenger! THE MUSICAL!


This incroiable (THAT’S FRENCH) 80’s movie has been turned into one heck of a musical! Steve and I saw it last night. It’s the story of a nerdy environment enthusiast in New Jersey who is determined to find out why the state smells so bad. He gets dunked into a tank of toxic waste by some bullies — and turns into —-THE TOXIC AVENGER – dunn dunnn dunnnnnnn. The musical was truly amazing. Very tongue in cheek / I am a musical! with some really amazing songs, I gotta say, like ‘Do me Oprah’ I think it was, and ‘who’s gonna save new Jersey’ and ‘my Big French Boyfriend’ (sung by the blind Girl, who falls in love with ‘Toxie.’ He’s French, because he stinks. Duh.)

 It involved lots of tasteless yet adorable blind people jokes, easy stabs at New Jersey, colorful cross dressing, and of course, the ripping off of (and subsequently beating victim with its own) arms and legs. I give it 5 barrels of stinky toxic waste!


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