Psalty, the Singing Songbook


Hi, heathens.

Last night, I found myself thinking about Psalty, the singing songbook – and attempted to explain he and all of his splendor to Steve. I couldn’t really. Psalty was just a large part of my childhood, in VHS format. He had serious adventures with a band of kids. Animated AND real. Camping trips, hay-ride sing-alongs in barns, choir practice, church mice – morals and scrupels put to the test – with songs! Crayon colored girls and boys in overalls and jumpsuits and pigtails, hanging out!  You know. With a singing song book.

I can do most anything through Christ who strengthens me, even climb a mountain when I’m four (even three!)

I just have to put my heart and mind straight to the test – with Jesus as my strength I’ll do my best, he’ll do the rest!

…Et cetera.

Sometimes, I just start singing it, for real. It just sort of follows me around. Then Psalty and I go get a latte and I listen to him complain about the fare hike.

Et cetera.

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