The Special Olympics.


Last night on Leno, Obama said something to the effect of ‘I’m bowling a 149. It’s kind of like the special olympics! (laughter laughter laughter….pause….awkward.)

He then, of course, after the show, had to freak out and apologize to the special Olympics – singing it praises, and even inviting some athletes to come to the White House and show him a thing or too.

But come on – aren’t we all guilty of this? Haven’t we all said That was so retarded and then realized, to our dismay, that there was an actual retarded person nearby? Or that the person you are speaking to knows or is related to a retarded person? Or – That was so gay. And then you realize you’re speaking to a ‘gay’ and hope that they’re not, you know. One of those sensitive ones.

Point being – there are so many horrible and un-PC things ingrained in the sort of casual, ignorant and weird colloquialisms.  I say things every day that, taken out of context – are argueably terrible. Hearing myself, I would most likely think, that girl should be shot.

But that isn’t quite fair, Bekah. You know. To people that have been shot.

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