Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!


As is the case with most large cities, NYC must celebrate most things with a large ,debaucherous parade. Fortunately, the one that takes place today is a nice, civlized mid-day affair – you know, with horses and veterans.

It’s the Hoboken parade (held last weekend) that causes a serious mess. I didn’t really know what was going on when I got on the train to Penn Station last Saturday, circa 10am, and there were handfuls of green-clad college kids riding with me, already drunk. And It was such a particular mess this year that the city is considering cancelling it in the future – as revellers were peeing off of balconies and ‘performing the sex act in open windows,’ reports the News.

Go braugh and corn beef and things!

Now, go pinch innocent strangers and puke in the Street!

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