Sara Ruhl, ie my playwright crush, has of course done it again. Her new play, In the Next Room, or: The vibrator Play just opened I think at Berekely Rep in CA and people, it just sounds so great.

 It concerns, sort of, the invention of the vibrator – it used to be used by doctors on women to relieve stress. So Ruhl creates this whole quiet, hillarious story of intimacy / marriage / electricity through this un-told tale.

It’s one of those ideas that makes you go GAH! and smack yourself across the gob for not thinking of it first. I also think it kind of is like what I was TRYING to do / explore with Le Fou, but this seems much more clear / successful. Dangit! Why didn’t I think of this play!!

But much love, Ruhl, for realsies, much love. I really can’t wait for this production to make it to NYC.

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