One of the best things about The Drama Play is how it can be interpreted and presented in an infinite amount of ways, depending on the space, artistic team, etc.

Above is the set for Centenary’s production of You May go Now –  a creepy, near TV-set ish 50’s kitchen – complete with weird mickey mouse night light and ‘cock cut-out’, if you will above fridge.

In 2007, Babel did it this way:


More of a country cottage.

Getting ONE company to put time and money into your show is amazing enough. But TWO? Getting to see it twice? Truly a blessing. Truly. Cause then you get to see the heart of the play sort of emerge throughout the interpretations. Having a set that is more than a table or acting cube? Um, Lighting designers? Fireplaces? Staircases? Running water? Incredible.

Fans, I think this little playwright is nearly all growed up, or getting there. Next thing you know, I’ll have an intern. FYI, I am currently accepting applications.

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