Britney’s whole story makes me sad. And the whole very IDEA of celebrity is so odd to me. How normal people interact with famous people, fame itself, Paparazzi. Etc. So I done penned a play bout it, or tried to!

So today at the Women’s Project, I’m going to hear my new play Celebrity, which is hot off the press. I’m kind of scared cause it’s kind of a mess. It’s about a few things. It’s kind of inspired by a hardcore Brittney fan’s   ‘Leave Brittney alone’ youtube video – in which he, in tears, pleads with us to ‘Leave Brittney alone,’ and declaring ‘you’re lucky she even performed for your bastards!’

In Celebrity, a Brittney esque character looses her shiz after accidentally dropping her infant child, landing him in a coma. At the end of her rope, she shows up at the home of who she perceives to be her biggest fan – desperately in search of safety and normalcy. Paparazzi are hot on her trail, quickly showing up at the Hood River, Oregon house.  Once she learns that her son has died from his injuries, she threatens to kill herself on live TV. The question is – will anyone stop her?

If I were to try and say a smart thing about the play, I think it’s about fear of mediocrity and the quest for ‘normalcy.’ Desperation when it comes to success and feeling special. I don’t know. I’ll keep you posted.

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