playground rules


I love writing short plays. So much. Especially since it’s becoming harder and harder to find or make time to write – it’s so nice to be able to begin and complete something I like in one sitting. It’s really satisfying and aids my AHHHHH I NEVER HAVE TIME TO DO ANYTHING!!! hysteria. Fast and furious. Like going through the drive thru. OF MY MIND. Or, the um, the fast lane. Life in the um – meh. I’m fresh out of metaphors.

Anyways. So when these guys (who I’ve met through Ars Nova) asked me to write something for this I said YES PLEASE! Also,  the theme of the evening was pretty much irresistable. It’s four short plays about childhood secrets.

So, on a bumpy bus to Hackettstown, I penned a short play, Leviticus. In the spirit of hurried, sad, but possibly awesome things – you should patron it this weekend.

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