joe pug at joe’s pub!


Sometimes, I like to go to bars and feel sorry for myself because I’m not a musician. Hopefully, there’s usually some awesome music being played while said pity party is happening.

Last night, Joe Pug played Joe’s Pub, and it typical Pug form, he was incredible, sporting a new goateau and a few new songs. Joining me in the adoring crowd were some ten or so old friends from UNC that I haven’t seen in years (Miles, Creighton Irons, Dana Dobreva, to name a few. WHAT? I know.)


More importantly, I ate meatballs.

Even more importantly, the second act – Amy Lavere – was amazing. Maybe because she is like a five foot tall little thing in a tight ass fringy skirt – playing a stand up base, while also kind of humping it, with this voice like if betty boop smoked a pack a day. She was amazing.


As I suspected – her stuff’s much more fun live than if you buy it on itunes and give it a listen – but all in all, enigmatic.


….Aaron liked her, also.

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