my hood


The last five weekends or so, I’ve been cursing the L – the train which takes me from Brooklyn to Manhattan. It usually takes about 15 minutes. But, for the past month, there’s been what they like to call ‘track work,’ during which it takes up to an hour to get into the city – and the platforms are crowded with pissed-off weekenders.

So I’ve taken this opportunity to spend some quality time in my neighborhood, which, I’d nearly forgotten, is incredible. While I usually venture to Crunch on Sundays to spin my face off, Today I took to the the slushy track at McCarren park for a jaunt –


…which was equally – Nay! perhaps even more satisfying.  Because sometimes, we neglect our neighborhoods, or least, I most certainly do.

Apologies, Williamsburg. We should do this more often.

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