I’m trying

 6a00e398ec0564000500e398ecf3910005-500pi.jpgAmongst the many many things I am trying to do as of late – I’ve been trying to read my first Tom Robbins. People, I am trying.  For some reason I have yet to latch on! I kind of wish that the can of beans would stop talking, and that I could hang out more with the heroine. Heroin? Heroine. This is advice that I should perhaps take myself. We want the person. Kindly make the inanimate object shut up.  I forge ahead, though, as it is the favorite book of a few people whom I consider to be extremely smart. SUCCESSFULLY, though, I’ve been trying to read more New Yorker and New York magazine (sad that I never picked this up as ideal subway reading before.) But in terms of a bleary eyed, 7:30 train ride – people, it’s gotta be captivating. Skinny just isn’t doing it for me yet. I tend to read a book that I love and can’t put down (see Easter Parade, Time Traveler’s Wife, the Lovely bones, Heartbreaking work, No one belongs here more than you.) In between these books, I start and subsequently stop reading some 2-4 books before finding one that I can finish. I don’t want skinny legs to be one of these, but it’s lookin like it. 

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