Robot Dog!


Fans, meet Biscuit, the ‘furreal’ Robot Dog.

Every Christmas morning for the past 4 years, the Brunstetters awake to find that Santa has brought them some convincing replica of Tanner, the deceased family dog. And this year, the replica was especially adorable and terrifying.

Powered by frightening touch and motion sensors, Biscuit responds to 6 commands, such as ‘Treat’ in which Biscuit sits up and begs for a treat.


Biscuit also responds fondly when scratched behind the ears.


Sometimes, she hears too much and can’t respond. Like most dogs, She gets confused. (After a brief anatomical inspection, Dad confirmed that Biscuit is indeed a Gal.)  Biscuit responds best to commands that are delivered 12 to 18 inches in front of her face, so sometimes, one must get down to her level.


Also, like most dogs, She requires constant attention. This we discovered when, after playing with it? her? it – we started to open presents, and she started whimpering.

Please join me in welcoming Biscuit to the Brunstetter family.

We have officially lost our minds.

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