death stomach attacker monster thing


This weekend, I am stricken with a rather unfortunate thing, which can only be referred to as that thing I called it up there.  It really sucks. As I never (ever ever ever) get sick (hence the photo shoot), I am super bad at being so. I’d much prefer to do things than lay around. It especially sucked because Becky/Elizabeth was in town from San Fran for a visit, and was forced to witness my whining and wretching, rather than doing, you know, fun things. Instead, she was made to hang out with me in my death sick lair. A trooper, that one.


I have finally digested a CupaNoodles (remember? Middle School?) But am thoroughly exhausted and pouty.


I’d like to thank my purple hoodie, steve, the roommates, gatorade, Buddy, Gray’s Anatomy, splendid films such as Baby Momma and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and last but certainly not least, saltines, for getting me through this.

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