Not Cool, the Terrorists.



I would prefer to not get blown up.

Paranoid Murmurs of a potential terrorist attack on the NYC transit system have been delicately circling the media today. And by delicately, I mean ‘we’re all gonna die.’ There’s been some speculation based on some report that an attack could be planned for this year’s ‘Holiday Season.’

Mostly, I just really don’t appreciate the fact that they aim to get us when we are at our chubbiest and happiness. Granted,  Thanksgiving and Christmas time is when we are at our most gluttenous, i.e., most vulnerable, but come on, is nothing sacred anymore?

Perhaps I am meant to take off the whole month of December, claiming fear of bombs, and quaratine myself to Brooklyn: writing, drinking hot chocolate, hanging out with the Baby Kitty. Or perhaps I am meant to be brave or ambivalent and go about my Month.

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