what my friends are doing

 Oh, life. I have finally (finally) taken a much needed break from frantically writing things. This weekend, I thoroughly relished in the talents of my friends, which is always a fantastic feeling, as you are only as good as the company you keep, or however the phrase goes. Thursday night, I went to see Cudzoo and the Fagette’s first show at the Delancey. dsc01818.JPGIt was amazing. Essentially, it’s three girls in flapper dresses with a full band, harmonizing pretty ditties about mean boys, blue guitars and dinosaurs. Complete with xylophones, dance interludes and nasty lyrics, this band is the brainchild of my Favorite, Ms. Erin McCarson, fuzzily picture center. Also starring Jess and Mamrie, (L and R.) Jess is recording a country album, and Mamrie is sketch comedy writer and performer. All are pretty and funny and pretty. It’s the perfect example of having a fantastic idea, and actually seeing it through. So proud of all of them! Friday night, I managed somehow to watch a play outside. Yes, outside. Fyi, it was circa 20 degrees that night. Fortunately, there were hot toddies and Marilyn to cuddle with.  Marfa Lights was produced by the Aztec economy (Cole and Casey Wimpee, Michael Mason). They managed to build this in the courtyard outside of their apartment:  dsc01829.JPGUm, I know. It, too, was eerie and fantastic, regarding an apocolyptical camping trip in Marfa, Texas. Also involving Mercury retrograde. An owls.  These events served as a pleasant reminder that I am fortunate to know so many awesome people. When your creative whatever’s are on strike, when you have serious artistic mayonnaise brain – there’s really no better medicine. 

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