Would anyone like some clothes?

* please note that though I possess 12 coats (okay, okay, 75% of them were 8 bucks from goodwill and smell like rats, old ladies, and old lady rats.)  Even though I possess 12 coats, I found it imperative to go where no Bekah’s wachovia card has gone before and purchase this fantastic coat for $150:


Which hurt so bad and felt so good. I mean, it has little gold buckles and is sort of like a cape.

Fortunately, for those of us who feel Coats speaking to us when we waltz through overpriced botiques and thrift stores, there are things such as coat drives. Said drives serve as atonement for our overspending, as, well, we are helping people. I can’t wait to see a homeless person or child shuffling about in a grandma coat I spilled merlot on.

But for real, it’s a good idea. Donate your old winter coats!!!

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