This Just In.

Um….Do you remember Alex Mack?


She was the star of her own Nickolodeon show in I want to say the early to mid nineties. She was a teenage girl who had been accidentally mauled by nuclear waste – rendering her cursed – with SUPER POWERS ranging from zapping things to disappearing to turning into water! Memory jogged? I used to watch this show. A lot. It’s all coming back to me. I think it was while babysitting. But she was smart, the Alex Mack. She was cute and over-alled and and smart. She was, well, and is –

Larisa Oleynik.

Later in life, you’ll recall she was featured in the film of the Babysitters Club (only the Best Movie Ever, and the answer to all of my elementary prayers/ seriously I was so obsessed with these books) – playing Dawn, the loveable hippie.


Also, she was of 10 Things I Hate about You, which I know you liked. Don’t pretend. And she was flipping adorable in it.


Point being – this just in – She’s going to be a movie version of my short play, I Have it, being filmed in LA next month, and I beside myself with nostalgia and joy.

I like to think that everyone googles themselves – in which case, Larisa you are so reading this. In which case, three things: 1.) Thanks!! 2.) Awesome. 3.) We are going to be friends.

You just wait.

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