I was graced this weekend by a visit from my Mom and Aunt Jamie, which is always a pleasant reminder to stop and smell the Shopping, and also stop and see the Lights, and also, you know, warm fuzzy love for Mom things.

Why that dress is so short will perhaps follow in a later post. For now, we’ll focus on this past weekend’s festivities.

I was able to put them up in a sweet company apartment right on the Hudson River – one of the definitely perks of the job. We ate a fancy dinner (veal with proscuttio (eh? eh!) and capers, ravioli with prosenci (eh?) mushrooms in a black truffle cream sauce – bread – and stuff – had a water glasses compulsively filled over and over by the little men in tuxes hovering over us. We lounged on the terrace – and Mom and her sister – who, btw, look more like they’re 30 than their actual age, felt like Girls again.



Saturday, we shopped for  Things, wandered around Soho,  analyzing our feet in various shoe stores. Aunt Jamie moreso gathered research, I scored a pair of black patent leather steve madden flats and some little Navy blue jeffrey campbell heels. Mom was there for moral support.


We then headed back to Brooklyn to dine on Skate and Dumont Mac n Cheese -but not until my Mom cut my rat tail off. I protested much.  I mean, I wasn’t aware that I had one.


Today, we went to church at Redeemer Presbyterian, led by Dr. (Dr.?) Tim Keller –


whose sermon was a breath of fresh air – about reptenance, but from a very human perspective – free therapy. Hmm, free therapy – see also mom coming to visit.

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