Best wedding ever.


I think that I’m about to do something called ‘wedding journalism.’ Excuse me if at any point I sound douche-y.
Steve and I ventured this weekend to Boston for the semi-impromptu, super casual wedding of his good friends, Mike and Lu. I was literally flabbergasted by how lovely and perfect the whole event was, with little planning – no freaking out, no forcing of doves or swans to wander about, no ice statues, no cake! In fact, when we arrived late Friday night, the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. were mellower than ever- there was no crazy bride jitters or last minute planning – maybe because they’re really freakin in love, and it’s really freakin great.

The day began with a leisurely breakfast at one of those breakfast places where they manage to read your mind and put it on a plate in front of you.



Then, grown up clothes were donned as a few close family and friends gathered at Mike and Lu’s house for appetizers and drinks. Lu was dashing in simple white dress from Anthropologie  with a lil black sash; Mike wore a skinny tie with an untucked dress shirt. My hot and date and I blew minds with our ability to clean up. I purchased that sweet little Jackie O coat at a thrift store down the street. The buttons are lion faces. You like my dress? It’s a little silk number that I spent the whole day pulling Down. You like that tie? I bought it on the street from a little Indian man. So there.


Then, as a group, we walked to the park nearby and up into a garden, where a non-denominational priestess person met us and performed the briefest most intimate, powerful, and lovely ceremony ever – which Mike and Lu vowed and ringed, ending with these words  – ‘I am a fool for you.’


Their no-fuss day culminated at Eastern Standard, with an amazing  dinner complete with steak tartare, cod fish fritters, mussels, swordfish, ribeye and creme brulee –


And finally, as with most civilized weddings, we concluded with round of beers with Larry Bird.


I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was thoroughly touched by the whole shebang.

I think I’m growing up.


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