Hey, look what I can do!


I took my first pilates class Friday. I am still in pain. Let it be known that I am completely incapable of doing thing pictured above, nor am I capable of doing the ‘roll’ in which, like a true lady, you pike your legs behind your head and roll your little buttthing up towards the ceiling – nor can I rock the ‘screwdriver’ in which, stabilized by the force of your rock-hard abs, you extend your legs and move them around in a circle. Ow. BUT: I was slightly encouraged, depsite my lack of flexibility, by the strength of my ‘core,’ which has perhaps been helped by spinning. As Ow as it was, I thought it was awesome. Class went by super fast, I got to wear my innappopriate red hotpants work out shorts, and I felt nearly empowered. As soon as I am able to lift my arms again, I’m totally taking a second stab at this matt-based owgasm.

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