(Pictured: myself in what I am calling my ‘fancy carrot dress’ and Jeremy Blocker, Artistic Director of Babel Theater Project, at the IT Awards nomination party in July.)

Fanpersons, last some night was some serious day of the show, ya’ll.

I had my reading of OOHRAH! at Ars Nova, which went swimmingly. Still needs lots of work but it seemed to be a real crowd pleaser. The fact that Leigh Silverman directed and that the cast was stellar certainly did not hurt.  At first I was the terrified – it’s scary to put a thing that’s not totally ready to go in front of a house -but am way happy it happened, as I am now courting an agent, which is very similar to courting a beau but with less making out.

So Also, on the same night, because everything happens at the same time all the time, was the awards ceremony for the New York Innovative Theater Awards for which I was nominated ( I won this in 2006 for . So consumed with nerves re: the Oohrah! reading was I that I totally forgot about the awards! But when the reading let out, there was Mr. Geordie Broadwater (director, You May Go Now) and Mr. Jeremy Blocker, who HOOAHH’s! and WHEEE’s!! And the sticking of a plaque in my face! I won! I’d like to thank the academy, the Baby Kitty, and the Carrot Dress.

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