go-go pops!

p7194907.jpgOh, the sweet popsicles of our youthtime. Oh, how they drip down our hands and color our crooked teeth.  A good actory friend of mine, Greg Miller, recently lost his job with Bear Stern. Instead of being pouty and weepy about it, He and his wife have made the better choice – investing their time and efforts into the best darn Popsicle Company you ever did see. They boast flavors like Lemon Rosemary and Grape Kiwi and Cucumber Chili – made with all organic, fresh ingredients. Tell me you are not titalized by that, and I will call you a liar.So far, they’ve been frequenting farmer’s markets and fairs, it seems, to vend their sweet Good, but keep your eyes peeled – it seems like soon, you might be able to buy them online. Who doesn’t want to come home to a fruit chunky popsicle?  I sure do.I mean I LIKE the baby kitty, but he is not organic, nor does he quench my universal summertime need to put cold things in my face. Then again, I could put him in the refrigerator.Hmmm.   

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