sam french!

 Victory!This weekend, my short play which we will call ‘Art’ was a winner in the Samuel French Short play festival ( / too lazy to link.) I was really not all that confident about the play, wrote it really quickly when Eliz’s brother passed away, sort of passed it off as something that was maybe too simple or too sweet. I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome, and I’m sorry, but perhaps reminded that I’m kinda good, or can be, if I let myself forget what I’m doing.  This was my third year with the festival  – under new management this year, I was quite impressed – they really scaled back the number of participating plays from something insane like 100 to something more manageable like 40. It’s real cute and awesome and soccer camp / dodgeball esque, with plays advancing to finals and then competing for the chance to be published. Super fun and good reason to and Sport a sweaty Dress. Another improvement this year was the  champagne toast each night to announce the finalists/winners.  I am huge proponent of champagne, celebrations, and finding any and all reasons to feel special. 

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