wall e


Oh my garsh. Drop whatever Inane thing it is that you are Doing and go see this movie. Seriously, even You, Mom and Dad, will like it.

Part throw back to silent film, part dark social commentary,  part kids movie, 100% adorable robot love story. Best thing since Pixar bought Disney, hands down!

Basic premise:  It’s 700 years in the future – all humans have left earth due to the insane build up of trash, and are living in space while these lil robots clean up. Or at least, this was the original plan. Wall e – a curious, rambunctious little Robotthing (cuteness comparable to that of a hounddog puppy) seems to be the only one of his trash-compacting kind left on earth. He’s kind of obsessed with musicals, and is intrigued by the love he sees in them (I concur, Wall e. I concur.) So when Eve, the sleek, saucy robot comes from space in search of plant life – Wall e’s lil robot heart can barely stand it.

Go see it. You will laugh, cry, ponder, and puke up popcorn with adorable overload. This personwhorarelyseesmoviesever gives it a whole lot of stars.


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