So’s I went to Minneapolis for training for my jobthing. After being submerged, basically, in a live episode of the office – featuring team meetings, team dinners and dry erase boards –  I was finally released from the Parking Lot of Eden Prairie, MN to explore  Minneapolis with Linda, the sweet gal who was training me. People, I was very impressed. As a professional playwright hopeful, I’ve always had my eye on the Jerome Fellowship, which transplants four playwrights to Minneapolis each year to live for free, and work with the Playwright’s Center – so I was happy to find the city to my liking.


We didn’t have much time – drove around, took ganders at, took a barefoot stroll through the grass, then went for dinner at the new Guthrie building which is basically a wonder of modern architechture (the Guthrie being one of the oldest, most amazing regional theaters in the country.) I don’t have a picture of it. I have no idea why. On the ninth floor is this publc look-out nook thing (yellow, yes) from which one can see all of the city. Sweet.



….including that bridge that collapsed killing 13 people; currently being rebuilt.

So, as we tend to do at places we’ve Never Been, I stood still in front of it – and smiled.


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