and now i am home

 north-carolina.jpgI love swinging home for the weekend. Perks include Uncle Robert Brunstetter, Peter Brunstetter Jr., Peter Brunstetter Sr., Sargent Timothy Brunstetter (i think,) Sargrent Dan Brunstetter (I also think), Jodie Brunstetter, assorted life-size statues and stuffed statues of the deceased Tanner Brunstetter (canine,) free hot dogs, Goodwill, Peach Pie ice cream, hugs, naps,  the Me driving around a Big Truck, lessons on rifles, grandfolk, chocolate cake, hot summer storms, and indigestion.It seriously gets better and better every time. I swear my bed here is made of marshmallows and it’s so hard to leave. This trip in particular was arranged for Dan and Tim’s farewell barbecue.Red, white and blue jelly beans were served in patriotic little dishes as we well-wished the lads on their way to Iraq. I’m actually going to return to New York with way less fear for them than I had before. Having sat down with both them while home and really gotten a sense of where they’re going / what they’re going to be doing, I think Dan’s right when he says that in terms of the likelihood of him dying Over There,  I have just as good of a chance as getting hit by a cab.  Well said, Daniel. Well said. Please see later a thorough report of Dan’s theory on how we can All get Rich. It involves some island off of Georgia, commercial real estate, and a family business. I pretty much believe him entirely, a lot.  

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