i was born

Did I mention I had a birthday? Last Friday, I turned 26. Yeah, I did that. In consistent Bekah form, I forced loved ones to celebrate my life over the course of a good week. I’m REAL big into birthdays. My Dad always used to, okay, still does, announce the arrival of Bekah Birthday Parade, as I always made such a big to do over it.

This year’s bday highlights included a mandatory picnic in McCarren Park, featuring water balloons, impromptu acrobatics, a dog with giant balls, and a light sebers being weilded  by an enthusiastic member of the New York Jedi club.. Saber? Seber. Eh.


A special delivery to work from Mom (PS, my desk, ew, weird)


Fancy din with Steve, at which I blew:


The being Stranded at the Tire Store.  See California behind me. Note the frown, and the Denny’s.


And finally, the finding of a Giant faced sized cocktail with Becky, which is all I really wanted secretly (exceptfortheperfumestevegotmethatireallyreallywantedthankssteve.)



All in all, a great bday. Thanks to all who participated.

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